I'm sitting here mid-January wondering what the hell happened.

Hey babes - welcome to 2020.  How's your year going? If you’re anything like me, you pranced into January 1 with a list full of goals, desires, and dreams.  And if you’re still like me, you’re sitting here in mid-January wondering what the hell has happened. Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds instead of lost them (right here!), maybe you’ve said yes instead of no (whoops, me again), and maybe you still haven’t managed to invest in those people you prioritized on January 1 (yup, still me).  Time to mail in 2020 and look forward to next year?

Hell NO babe.  Hell no. January just started, the year just started, and even better yet, the DECADE just started.  Trust me, I’m off to a SUPER slow start and am feeling like a huge let down to myself, my business, my people, BUT, today is a new day, and there’s a promise of so many tomorrows.  So today, I’m letting myself off the hook, drinking my water, and getting my proverbial STUFF together! Won’t you join me?

Pick one thing today - one thing that will put you closer to that person you know you ARE, that dream that you’re chasing, that goal you really want to achieve.  For me, it’s drinking my water. I run on coffee and soda - that’s the truth. So, today, I’m not drinking either of those, and instead, I’ll get my 75 ounces of good, clean water.  What’s your thing? Let me hear it - let’s hold one another accountable!

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