It's all about BALANCE.

Hey, loves! So, you know this month we are talking all about BALANCE here at Blue Willow, and today, I want to talk about the idea of it in our relationships. I may not be popular with this post today, but it is heavy on my heart, so I must share.

I have a great man in my life. He's my rock, my whole heart, my best friend, and we spend every moment we can together with this crazy little life and family we've created. I wouldn't have it any other way. BUT, I know we both need BALANCE in that relationship in order to keep it thriving.

You see, ladies, we can have the most beautiful family with a pile of kiddos and man we love, but we NEED our girlfriends. Time with our ladies brings something to us that no one else can - a sense of sisterhood. That we aren't alone in this crazy world. Our girlfriends laugh with us, cry with us, keep us honest and humble, give us great advice, support us when we need, challenge us when we need that too, and frankly, know us in a way that no one else can.

We NEED our girlfriends. And our men and our kids? They need our girlfriends, too. They can't be everything to or for us - that's way too much pressure to put on people we love. Our families NEED us to spend time with our girlfriends and come back fresh, happy, recharged, and full of joy. They need us to step out of the grind of life occasionally and take some time to ourselves. It's healthy, it's necessary, and we need to set the example in their lives that BALANCE is necessary in everything we do.

So I challenge you today - grab your phone and text your best girlfriend. Set a date. Right now. For a glass of wine, dinner, a FaceTime chat, WHATEVER it is. In the next 7 days, you WILL spend time with her.

Together, we're going to feed this life with the balance we need to be our literal best selves. Together, we can do this. Have the best day, babes

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