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About us

At Blue Willow Boutique, we believe in connections.  It is through our connections to people, places, and planet that we create true beauty.  And we know that beauty is not a size - it's the spirit within our souls.

Our brick and mortar store was founded in the fall of 2016 and is located in northwest Missouri in the beautiful town of Maryville.  Relocated to Maryville by love, our founder, Stephanie Campbell, quickly learned her new home was worth investing in.  Together with her best friend and shop dog Bullet, she is sprinting through the second half of life with a fresh excitement for the world around us.

We may be located in small town USA, but we have customers all over the country.  We focus on bringing our small town values of honesty and simplicity into everything we do.  And we love making your life simpler AND more beautiful!  Everything you find in Blue Willow is carefully curated with our connections in mind.

Come see us in Maryville or find us on social media @ shopbluewillow!

A Note From the Owner on How Blue Willow Came to Be:
I was doing life in the bigger city in my vanilla corporate job. Love came calling and moved me to this little college town in the middle of northwest Missouri, aka, the middle of nowhere. I have always had a passion for small towns with perfect little courthouse squares. Problem was, ours was basically dead. About two months after I moved here, it was a dear friend's birthday, and I had nowhere to shop. Had to leave town just to buy her a gift. I knew that had to change.
I was also finding it hard to meet new people. The ladies here have known each other their entire lives, and at nearly 40 years old, they weren't really taking applications for new friends. So, all of those factors combined together to mean I really did need to do something!
So, I pooled the money I had made from selling my house in Kansas City, found a spot on the courthouse square, and opened what I intended to be a home and gift boutique. The first weekend, the little bit of apparel I stocked sold out, so I became an apparel boutique! Now, we own the building, our boutique is growing like crazy, and we are renovating the upstairs of our building into an awesome apartment for our family!
And I've learned that beauty really isn't about anything you can see. I've made it my personal mission to help every woman that walks through my doors see the true beauty within herself. And to believe that she is enough. I quit my job in Kansas City, have become the boutique boss full time, and I have never been happier.
Thank you for stopping by our website, and I hope you find something you love!
- Stephanie